Channel the ‘luxury Balinese resort’ look with this simple DIY raffia light makeover.

How to Make a Boho Ceiling Light

This tutorial is real simple: all you need is a woven light, a spool of raffia ribbon and scissors.

Loop and knot top layer of raffia ribbon. I started by looping one side of the ribbon around the top, and making a knot at the center.

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If you’re happy with the way it looks, you can stop here. I wanted mine to be more full, so I decided to add a second layer along the bottom.

This part is also optional, but the raffia paper was a bit too curly and thin for my liking. I decided to use a steamer to try and relax the paper.

Last step! Install the fixture and trim the excess raffia to your desired length. Make sure to use LED bulbs to avoid a fire hazard!

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