How to:  Aged Iron Ornaments

You can make these gorgeous patina aged iron ornaments with a few simple supplies!

How To Make Aged Iron Ornaments

Step 1: Tape ornaments to skewer Remove the cap, place the end of a skewer inside the ornament, and wrap painters tape around the base to secure it to the skewer.

Step 2: Apply drywall mud texture Mix drywall mud with water, and splatter it on with a paint brush. Cover the ornament completely with texture.

Step 3: Paint ornament Spray paint the ornament black.

Step 4: Apply copper paint Lightly brush on copper or dark gold paint, allowing some of the black layer to show through.

Step 5: Apply gold paint Lightly brush on a gold paint/wax.

Step 6: Add blue patina Brush on a light coat of teal blue paint. Gently buff it in some areas to look more realistic.

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