How To DIY Ceiling Beams (like a pro!)

This method is a simple approach (great for beginners!) that consistently yields beautiful results—without the guesswork/headaches.

How To Build  Box Beams

Step 1: Locate and mark the ceiling joists Measure the ceiling area and divide it by the number of beams you want. We decided on four beams, spaced ~25″ apart.

Step 2: Attach 2×4’s to ceiling Our ceiling joists ran parallel to our beams, so we were able to attach the 2×4’s to them using wood screws.

Step 3: Cut and miter box beam boards Cut each board to length and rip the width down if needed. It’s important to measure each beam separately, as the walls/ceiling may not be square all the way across the room.

Step 4: Assemble box beams Line up all three boards in the position they will be assembled in, miter side down. Tape each seam using reinforced packing tape.

Apply wood glue along the inside miter of each seam.

Flip the boards over, fold them into a U-shape and secure with packing tape.

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