DIY Venetian Plaster Tutorial

Supplies List – Venetian Plaster – Sealer – Putty knife – Pointed Trowel

How to apply Venetian Plaster

Step 1: Prepare the surface Venetian Plaster can be applied over a variety of substrates including wood and concrete, but the most common application is over drywall.

Step 2: Apply a skim coat In this step, the goal is to completely cover the surface with a thin layer of plaster. Don’t worry too much about the texture or or technique—that will come with the next layer(s).

Step 3: Apply a texture coat I used a slightly darker color this time (tinted SW Shoji White) to create depth and dimension.

Step 4: (Optional) Add a third coat and/or burnish the surface You’ll likely need one final sanding to remove any rough texture/edges. Then, if you are happy with your results, no need to add more!

Step 5: Apply a sealer Sealing is an important step to protect the finish. I applied two coats of Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish, which applies like paint and dries with a slight sheen.

Subtle, soft and ethereal… what dreams are made of!

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