If you want to transform your hollow core/builder grade door, try this simple plank door makeover!

Supplies needed

• 4x8' shiplap panels • Liquid + finish nails • Wood filler + caulk • Primer + paint • Saw, nailer, sander, clamps

Remove the door and center your 4x8' shiplap panel on top. After centering, mark the edges of the door on your panel for your cut lines.

Use a table saw, track saw or circular saw to cut the shiplap panel on your cut lines.

Apply liquid nails liberally and clamp the shiplap panel in place. Nail the panel to the door along the edges.

Repeat on the other side of the door, then rehang. You will need to remove and adjust the door stop to accommodate the added door thickness.

Patch all holes, caulk door stop seams, prime and paint!

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