How to:  Matte Powder Ornaments

You can make these gorgeous distressed ornaments in any color, with supplies you probably have already at home!

How To Make Aged Powdered Ornaments

Step 1: Tape ornaments to skewer Remove the cap, place the end of a skewer inside the ornament, and wrap painters tape around the base to secure it to the skewer.

Step 2: Spray prime ornaments (optional) This step is optional, but an oil-based primer will help the paint adhere better to the ornaments, and make the finish more durable.

Step 3: Paint ornaments Mix paint with baking soda for a matte/textured appearance, and brush it on.

Step 4: Spray adhesive Fully coat the ornament with an even coat of spray adhesive.

Step 6: Add powder Immediately brush and rub on your powder of choice.

Step 6: Paint cap and tie ribbon (0ptional) I gave my ornament caps a quick facelift with dark spray paint and a few dabs of Gold Leaf Rub n Buff. This gives them a nice antiqued look.

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