My 5 Best Tips For Buying Wood at Lowe's

If you feel overwhelmed walking through the lumber aisle at the hardware store, here are my best secrets and tips for your next shopping trip!

1. The Board Basics

Whitewood boards are the cheapest, range from 2-12" wide and are often not perfectly straight. These are great for some DIY projects, but steer clear for building furniture.

2. Your wood is probably green.

“Green” wood means it has been freshly cut from the tree and it hasn’t fully dried yet. Why does this matter? Warping.

If the board is bent or damaged, you can get a discount! This is a great way to save on projects where straight wood doesn't matter, or you don't need to use the full piece.

3. Save money by buying damaged boards

4. Free wood cutting

Lowe's used to offer free custom wood cutting, and some stores may still honor that. Today, you'll still be able to get them cut down enough to fit into your car. If you need a specific size, it's worth asking!

You may be able to find gray weathered furring strips (at a rock bottom price) in your local store! Linked in the post below.

5. Gray weathered wood

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