Beginner DIY Console Table Tutorial

Learn how to build your own custom sofa table for $30 using only a drill and saw!

DIY Sofa/Console Table Tutorial

You can easily customize these plans to any size, depending on your needs.

Supplies needed" – 2x2x8′ furring strips (qty 8) – 2x12x10‘ (qty 1) – Screws (2.5-3″ long) – Wood glue – Wood stain or paint

Use a saw to cut the 2x2's to size (depending on your specs). You can see the sizes I used in the link below.

Next, assemble  three equal rectangles using wood glue and screws.

Then, attach the long horizontal pieces connecting each rectangle

Attach the 2x12' to the top using wood glue and screws from underneath the frame.

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