And the award for the Most Fun project of the Year goes to… DIY concrete lamps!

Step 1: Find an old lamp

Preferably something used/inexpensive. I found mine at Walmart and a thrift store—Facebook Marketplace is another good place to look

Next prime the lamps with an oil based spray primer to de-slick the surface so the concrete patch has the best chance of sticking.

After priming the concrete patch is applied. Click below for all steps on DIY concrete lamp!

The next step is to apply joint compound. This is also best applied with a putty knife, and the idea is to apply it to random areas (not the entire surface)

Once the joint compound is dry (mine was dry in an hour or so) it’s time for the easiest part—sanding!

After sanding it is time for painting. For the black lamp, I wanted a dimensional look, so I mixed up a rusty brown color with random paints (any type of paint will work).

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