How To Paint Cabinets Like a Pro

One of the most important steps of our Closet Makeover was painting our doors and trim. After all of the hard work that went into this project, a professional and durable finish was a must.

STEP ONE Paint selection is critical. Choose a reputable, quality paint used by pros—we used Benjamin Moore's Advance line (in satin).

STEP TWO Prep work is also key. We set up a painting station in our garage with tarps, and hung each door from a hanger using hooks

STEP THREE Clean the surface with a tack cloth and prime. We used a Wagner sprayer for a smooth and even finish. Hang the doors to dry.

STEP FOUR Sand with an extra fine sanding sponge. This will clear any debris/imperfections  ensure a completely smooth surface before the next coat.

STEP FIVE Apply the first coat of paint with a sprayer or high quality foam roller

STEP SIX Lightly sand the surface with an extra fine sanding block one last time.

STEP SEVEN Spray or roll one final coat of paint, and allow to cure for several days before rehanging the doors.

STEP EIGHT Reinstall the doors and enjoy your new professional-grade painted cabinetry!

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