If you’re considering limewash paint for your next DIY project, this post has got you covered!

Supplies List:

– Limewash – Primer (if needed) – Block brush – Paint tray

Limewash paint can be applied directly over breathable surfaces such as brick, cement, stucco and plaster.

Using a block brush, create random and multi-directional strokes, working your way outwards from the center.

When starting on a new wall, use your brush to carefully cut in along the edge and smooth outwards.

You want to avoid touching up the wall after it has dried, as those areas will dry darker. We overlapped in some spots and those areas were noticeable after it had dried.

Limewash will become lighter as it dries, and since it’s quite thin, it won’t cover the entire wall on the first coat (at least on a smooth primed wall).

See the full tutorial below!

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