How to transform your Walls with Microcement 

What is microcement? Microcement (also called microconcrete) is a polymer modified cement-based coating which can be applied thinly to almost any surface

How to apply microcement

Step 1: Surface preparation Microcement can be applied to any clean, sound surface including painted or primed drywall (smooth or textured), cement board or existing concrete walls.

Step 2: Mix microcement and apply first layer Mix the microcement with water, and apply to the wall using a pool trowel in an upwards motion.

Step 3: Apply second layer of microcement After waiting 6-8 hours for the first coat of microcement to dry,  you can apply the second coat.

Step 4: Sand imperfections There will likely be a few drips, or areas that are too rough and need sanding down (especially the corners and edges of walls/doorways).

Step 5: Apply a sealer After the second coat has dried for 12 hours, you can apply a sealer. A sealer is necessary to protect the finish and make the walls easy to clean.

This technique is perfect in bathrooms and much more affordable than tile!

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