Have you ever wondered what’s inside my kitchen drawers and cabinets? Today I’m opening up our doors to show you just how we keep things organized.

Small Appliance and Drinkware Hutch

This is one of my favorite kitchen features because it’s unexpected, unique AND hides our appliances & drinkware.

These are probably our most frequently used drawers, and they’ve managed to stay organized with these bamboo tray sets!

Underneath our junk drawers, we have two 24″ cabinets, each with two adjustable pull out drawers. Interior drawers are a must-have for me—they make it easy to access everything.

Under the sink pull out shelves are one of the most useful budget storage solutions in our kitchen.

I’m a big fan of using deep drawers in kitchens instead of door cabinets. They’re easier to access and more efficient.

Click below to see how we organize all our kitchen drawers and cabinets!.

Click Below to See the Full Kitchen Cabinet Tour

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