If you’re looking to transform any surface into a realistic brass or gold—this tutorial is for you!

Why Rub 'n buff?

I discovered Rub ‘n Buff last year and instantly fell in love with it after testing it out on some knobs and hooks. It’s the easiest and quickest way to achieve a realistic antique metal finish.

I thought it’d be fun (and helpful for everyone!) to test out all five shades of gold.

Click below for the full Rub n Buff gold comparison:

If you are using Rub n Buff on a surface that will be handled regularly (knobs, faucets, etc) it’s important to sand and prime first for best adhesion. To prep the sconces, I first used painters tape to protect the light.

Paint the surface  black first if you want an aged/patina effect,. The paint gives the Rub n Buff better adhesion and is a good idea for a slick surface.

I loaded up my makeup brush with European Gold (making sure to thoroughly offload the color first) and gently swirled it on.

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