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  1. Love it!!! I especially love the bowl with the tags idea. I think I'm going to do that, but with a fun twist. My family is really into that “silly foozball game” (from the “Waterboy” movie). So i think I'll make card stock footballs, oops… I mean “foozballs”, so everyone can right down their Big Game predictions for our annual Turkey Bowl game at the park while I'm slaving over the big meal! The losing tag gets to wash/load the dishes for me. And the winner tag gets to take home an actual size “foosball” cake!. Thanks for the inspiration for a new family tradition, and gobble-gobble until you hobble-hobble!!!

  2. I love everything Jenna Sue, So happy you are posting so often these days. My new home decor will be rustic farmhouse, of course inspired by you. What red checkered pillow were you referring to in your previous post?

  3. I love your Thanksgiving table. I am using it as inspiration for my table. I can't wait to try making a wood box centerpiece. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is relaxing & fun.

  4. Simply beautiful. How do you handle placing the serving platters and dishes? When I create my table like this I never have room for the serving pieces. I tried a buffet service style once and it just didn't feel right having family stand to get their meal. I prefer serving family style at table, but then my tablescape doesn't look like I would want it to.

  5. I was planning on setting everything on the island! The turkey is so large that it will have to go there anyway and there will be hot dishes from the oven and crock pots so they just wouldn't work on the table. We might be able to make room for a couple smaller sides like bread, gravy and cranberry sauce. We'll just have to play it by ear! 🙂

  6. Love everything you do! So creative and I so appreciate you showing us how easy it can be to put together. I just need to build the confidence to do it. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Wow! What a lovely setting. I absolutely love your flower box. I am new to the blog and was browsing your previous home photos. I saw those place mats from your Florida house too. I didn't even recognize them at first. It is amazing what different staging can do. One is summery and beach while today they look perfectly cozy and Fall!

  8. I do really love your creations. during my home makeover, i take you as a role model. i live in Turkey and i wish i would see your works.
    by the way very nice table. Happy thanksgiving!

  9. Love it! Hope your Thanksgiving feast was fabulous and delicious and full of family just like you dreamed 🙂 I was wondering where did you get the super thin wood coasters?

  10. I bought them on eBay a while ago but unfortunately that seller is no longer in business. I actually made a few of my own too with a miter saw and large branch but it wasn't easy!




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